Contract Staffing

We at Business Fundamental are ahead of the game, ready to partner with organisations to successfully deploy lateral talent pools. We help organizations with a strategic and cost effective approach, find top quality employees and reduce hiring risks. Skill based positions, generic to niche, are the key to building a successful business growth plan.

We offer a comprehensive and cost-effective Staffing model with following benefits

  • Flexibility – We work on a flexible engagement model offering Staffing services in different markets. We work on a T&M, Managed and Hybrid Models which can be tailor made to client requirements
  • Access to Talent – our clients gets extensive access to a large talent pool which enables them to quickly find placement for specific skill sets.
  • Competitive Advantage - Our unique business process facilitates a value-creating strategy for your company. Business Fundamental customizes solution for your business, manages human capital through enormous suppliers and our database manages the on-boarding process and tracks all processes to give your business prominent placement in your market.
  • Stress-Free, Risk-Free – Business Fundamental manages the entire hiring and employment process—relieving businesses from the tasks of paperwork and reducing liability.

We partner with services and product-based IT companies and leading multinational banks who aspire to hire mid and senior level management to help save valuable resources and time for our clients