Executive Recruitment

We understand the Role, Responsibilities and Challenges of a Leadership in today’s ever changing world.

At Business Fundamentals, we provide our clients Leaders of High Calibre who have the ability to make positive impact to the businesses they enter. We understand that leaders make a difference and that every business is different. That’s why our Executive Search Services for every client is led by Sr Industry Executives. This helps us achieve a higher success rate and in turn save time and money for the client and for the candidates.

  • Business Fundamental has partnered with the premium Retail and Corporate banking sector for over 8 Years. We are proud to say that we have successfully placed 40% of their executive hires.
  • Business Fundamental has partnered with several Indian IT Giants. We are proud to say that we have successfully placed 69% of their C- Level Management.
  • Conversion ratio of 3:1- For every 3 candidates presented, one is placed.
  • Offers Acceptance- 99.2% - Nearly every top candidate accepts the presented offer.
  • Retention Rate- 98.5% - Nearly every candidate placed has stayed through completion of company’s objectives.

Key Differentiators:

    This commitment promotes deep, trusted and lasting relationships that give rise to our intimate understanding of client culture, history and vision.
    Our clients benefit from our multicultural approach, because every one of our consultants is deeply embedded in their local market. Their local knowledge is enhanced by real world experience beyond search
    We acknowledge the critical importance of managing the confidential nature of our client and candidate affairs with the utmost discretion. We will not disclose sensitive information to a third party without receiving their prior authority
    Business Fundamental believes in “Adept at Profiling”