Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Business Fundamental facilitates both mid- and large-sized companies to attain world-class recruitment functions. Our recruitment process outsourcing team works seamlessly with the company’s HR management structure and has the capability to manage the entire recruitment lifecycle for professional-level staffing of high volume requirements.

Candidate funnelling:
    • Track companies whose talent is doing well
    • Regular mapping through various touch points
    • Build data base and be in regular touch
  • Job Portals
    • Regular use of portals to access active pool of candidates
    • Advertisement at job portals for regular flow
  • Feet of Street
    • FOS model to target specific companies/geography
    • Gives direct access to talent
    • Better view of the candidate
  • Social Media
    • Tapping the passive candidates
    • Extensive use of LinkedIn
  • Digital advertising
    • Use online advertising to track the desired candidate
    • Explore other mobile/digital platforms to attract talent
Our Approach:
  • Improved efficiency and control:
    • Control, consistency and Transparency.
    • Attraction and Technology platform in place.
    • Commence employer Marketing and talent pooling.
    • Improved time to hire.
    • Reduced risk.
  • Improved talent performance:
    • Better quality of new hires.
    • Reduced new-hire attrition.
    • Better, granular reporting.
    • Increased Hiring Manager satisfaction.
    • Improved employer Brand and reputation.
    • Candidate relationship programs.
  • Improvement in Business performance:
    • Alignment of workforce plan to overall Business strategy.
    • Employer of choice/ preferred industry Employer.
    • Optimal deployment of talent.


  • Dedicated Recruitment Team – adding man days
  • Real-time access to the recruitment developments
  • Reduction of wastage in terms of meeting wrong candidates
  • Total control over process as dedicated team works on the projects
  • Speed and Scalability
  • Pan India Recruitment Support